I've been a lurker on Steel Navy for some time now. A new ship modeler, 1 year this past May, I was inspired by the awesome creations on the site and the wonderfully talented modelers in the community. Let me say their work has been an inspiration, educational, and very enjoyable. The attached subject is my third build. I learned a lot on my first two builds, a 1/350 scale Revell Missouri and a 1/700 scale Tamiya Cushing. I incorporated every thing I know into this third subject the 1/700 scale Trumpeter USS Franklin. I built it waterline so that I can eventually use it in a diorama of the Philippines that I have planned, but for now it can just sit on the shelf for viewing. I used Eduard Essex class photo-etch for most of the details and I used Tom's Modelworks photo-etch rails, ladders, and stairs. I didn't venture into the photo-etch for the AA guns, fore I haven't developed that much photo-etch skill yet. I used a Rusty White’s tip for the rigging between the antenna masts, it's silk fly-tying thread. It's the easiest material I've used for small scale lines to date. Easy to work with, and good realism at scale. Just heat them slightly to get the correct tightness.

Frank01mt.JPG (66360 bytes) Frank02mt.JPG (75919 bytes) Frank03mt.JPG (64985 bytes)
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Mark Taylor
Knoxville, Tennessee