Some months ago I built the USS The Sullivans DD537, and finished one in measure 21 (navy blue) and another one in ms. 22 camouflage schemes. For this one, a Buckley Class Destroyer Escort, I have chosen for the 2 tone measure 22 as well. The reason was the deck and hull colors were more in contrast. You can compare with the box art. The decals provided in the kit were DE 635 for USS England. I could not find any pictures of this ship in ms. 22 so had to use other decals. Or...I used the kitís decals, carefully cut out, and used only the DE prefix and 5 and 6.... The ship became the USS Donnell, which had in fact the same pattern on several pictures. Also the ship was very comparable with the USS England. Only minor modifications took place.: Kit : Trumpeter USS England 1/350; Photo etch : Gold Medal Models (excellent !); Info : Destroyer escorts (Squadron books), internet, The Enemy Below (movie)

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Werner De keersmaecker