These are photographs of my CV-6 USS Enterprise. I am new in the naval modeling world but Iím not a beginner. I have built planes for 40 years and you can currently see my work in Replic magazine, Ming Master special issue and Avions. The CV-6 has a special place in my heart but starting from the Trumpeter USS Hornet kit to reach a correct representation of the ship at the Battle of Midway was quite a thrill.

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I used the Nautilus conversion but I was disappointed by the quality of the molding, very, very poor compared to l'Arsenal molding, and very, very expensive. Tom's Modelwork photo-etch was used. White Ensign Models photo-etch was used for the 1.1-inch guns as well as their Colourcoat line for the paints. I am planning to build an Essex Class carrier and then I will wait for the CVL from l'Arsenal. Cheers from France.

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Jean Barby