These are a few photos of my kit-bash of the Trumpeter 1/350th scale Hood. I decided to convert the the kit to depict her as she appeared in 1938. This required at least 60 modifications to the 1941 version. Through-out, I used White Ensign Models 15" replacement turrets, WEM`s photo-etch set, and their 5.5" guns. I made a mistake in the order of colours on B turret, which has been corrected. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and I'm delighted with the finished model.

hood10pr.JPG (68177 bytes) hood01pr.JPG (94637 bytes) hood02pr.JPG (86201 bytes)
hood20pr.JPG (91077 bytes) hood31pr.JPG (73406 bytes) hood05pr.JPG (103512 bytes)
hood04pr.JPG (101586 bytes) hood29pr.JPG (94553 bytes) hood06pr.JPG (103544 bytes) hood17pr.JPG (89081 bytes)

Phil Reeder