These are the photos of my build of the Russian carrier Admiral Kuznetsov from the Trumpeter kit in 1/350 scale. The model will be later incorporated in a seascape diorama with a Sovremenny class destroyer which is currently on the work bench. Forward and rear hangars were scratch-built and detailed with various gauges of plastic strip and telephone wire. Various components from an old PC motherboard also used for extra detail in the hangers. Had to limit detail in the hangars as information regarding the carrier is very sketchy. White Ensign Photo etch used for the ship and air wing to further enhance the model. Hangars as well as island will be lit up using very small 12 volt bulbs. The island, hull and walkways were sanded clean and scratch-built piping and trunking again utilizing various gauges of telephone wire, plastic strips and fine soldering lead wire. The aircraft, two squadrons of seaflankers and a squadron of Frogfoots were portrayed with flying surfaces altered and some with canopies open to add more detail to the model. One flanker squadron is shown as taking off on a sortie with full ordnance which was all scratch-built. L'Arsenal figures were used to populate the model. A visiting squadron of KA29's assault choppers were also included to add more colour to the model as the air wing and deck equipment is not that abundant as in USN carriers, to make the top deck look busy. Work on this model lasted about eight months with a total of 686 hours

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Louis Carabott