This was my first full build out, using tips and tricks from other modelers and after warming up on an Arizona and a Hornet CV8. There are several historical inaccuracies with my build, as well as some creative license taken to add what I believe was detail of interest. The TBDís lack the proper insignia and none of the planes used that red and white bar insignia on the tail. Iíve always hated that look. I added torpedoes to the TBDís, added a second radar, used a wooden deck and used a pencil to replicate tire marks and wear on the deck. I moved the life rafts to the display side of the island, and used photo-etch from White Ensign Models and Tomís to build the model. Eduardís photo-etch people were used (superb stuff!) and the kit took 400 man hours to complete. Weathering/rust was added using watercolors. As anyone can see, I have a lot to learn, but that did not take away from my fun in building the kit.

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Craig Lieberman