This  is the HMS Repulse from Trumpeter in 1:350 scale. Everything is hand painted apart from some experiments with air spray bottles from Tamiya on the main mast. Portholes, bridge windows and spotting top windows are made with crystal clear. I did some little modifications like brass masts, and some styrene strips in  some places. Rigging is stretched sprue. I made the display case myself with an led light strip to illuminate it. Waves and wakes were shaped with a coarse grater
This is my second ship since I started modeling including a number of "firsts" and next “attempts”. Also first serious use of photo-etch. Aftermarket parts used include: WEM Repulse set; WEM 8-barrelled Pom-Poms; GMM the watertight doors, Hatches & hoses; L'Arsenal 2 sets naval figures, 20mm oerlikons and paravanes; BNA wooden deck; Master models HMS Repulse Armament Barrels. (Editors Note: I labeled this December 1941, not Jaap,  because this is the final camouflage scheme worn by Repulse. However, you will notice the crew is wearing winter blues and not tropical whites that would have been worn at Singapore.)

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Jaap Pluimgraaff
Katwijk, the Netherlands