Here is the 1/200 scale Trumpeter Sovremmeny, guided missile destroyer. The kit took one and a half years to complete, although I did build a few other models in that time. It is a relief to have it finished and I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. The water is common household m 'polyfilla' with acrylic gel medium over the top to give depth and gloss.

sovremmeny 1JD.jpg (125480 bytes) Sovremenny 002JD.jpg (107143 bytes) Sovremenny 003JD.jpg (103027 bytes) sovremmeny 2JDa.jpg (101769 bytes)
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Thanks to White Ensign Models for providing their excellent photo-etch set, resin turrets and Colourcoats paints (Russian Northern Fleet Grey and Russian Navy deck red). Also thanks to Doug Hallet of Seattle, USA for taking the time to e-mail me hundreds of excellent reference photos. The picture with me in it is not meant to be any sort of an attempt at vanity but merely to provide a sense of scale so anyone who has not seen a live one can appreciate the sheer size of one of these "monsters".

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John Darlington
Auckland, New Zealand