These boats were built as a reaction to the sinking of various soviet ships in 1919 (Oleg, Andrei Pervozvanni, etc) by torpedo boats. It was assessed that a good number of smaller vessels were preferable to three or four cruisers and so a programme was established, headed by A.N.Tupolev to address this proposal. The result was a fast boat, up to 56 knots, named the SH4, which carried 2 x 450mm torpedoes, launched aft. This design was developed further resulting in the G5 variant, a sleek design like the torpedo itself built for speed in a typical 1920s design of a fine streamlined metal profile. Although the Soviets now had a powerful boat weapon, the greatest drawback was heavy seas which hampered speed, and observation, but overall the project was a success continuing with larger heavier types.

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General specification original G5 series :
15 tonnes displacement.
19.08m length.
3.33m wide.
1.20m draught.
50 knots top speed for 160 miles. (30knots for 200 miles).

There are various web pages to draw information from including colour schemes, and type descriptions.

Peter Fulgoney