These are photos of my latest model, the U.S.S. Turner Joy DD-951 I have always been partial to small fast combat ships, and the Forrest Sherman class of destroyers had been one of my favorites. Destroyers with their sleek lines, speed and firepower had always been a combination to be reckoned with. Whenever and wherever duty called, these ships fulfilled their obligation; sometimes paying the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty for their country. Throughout time, when our country was involved in either a "police action" or a major war; these ships were called upon along with other types of naval ships to protect our interests. Many of them saw action on "the Gun Line " off Vietnam . Which brings me to my subject - the U.S.S. Turner Joy, which along with the U.S.S. Maddox were involved in the "Tonkin Gulf Incident" of August 1964. The Ship. The U.S.S. Turner Joy DD-951 was the last of the Forrest Sherman class destroyers. Last of the " All Gun Destroyers", commissioned in August of 1959; she had slightly different design changes than her earlier sisters. Her "Foc'sle" was higher in order to keep her drier across the bow. Her arrangement of fire control directors were swapped in which she had the Mk56 on the platform aft of her funnel. This is how I depicted my model, around late 1959. The model: Just like my previous build ( USCGC DALLAS WHEC-716 ) she is 1/96 scale. I find this scale very workable and personally to my liking. A lot of detail can be incorporated in this size, although at roughly 4 feet in length; I am running out of wall space pretty fast!

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She is also a BaD Models kit , which I have also modified and detailed out. I really like this line of kits, they are pretty good and they give plenty of opportunity for detailing. The hull is plank on frame construction, and then fiber glassed. The superstructure was sheeted in .015 sheet plastic, the masts are plastic rod and as are the antenna arrays. Railings on the upper deck 02 level are brass rod soldered together, whereas the lower decks have photo etch stanchions from John Haynes Inc. The main gun battery: The 5in 54cal gun mounts came from the Scale Shipyard as did the Mk68 gun director. The Mk56 gun director, the twin 3in50cal gun mounts and the Mk63 directors came from JD Productions ( both of these vendors put out real top quality castings in my opinion). The Mk32 triple torpedo tubes are scratch built and so is the "Hedge Hog" launchers you see on either side of the forward 3inch battery. The depth charge rack is also scratch built, this along with the other ASW equipment were made by referring to photos and scaling them from a set of blueprints for the Forrest Sherman class obtained from The Floating Drydock. The hull decals came from Hawk Graphics. Throughout the years, this class of destroyer had design features which varied from ship to ship. So I targeted the Turner Joy in the year of her commission. Once again I want to say Thank You to my friend Mike, for his contribution on the name plate for this project. It gives this build a touch of class.

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She had been on my work bench since Mar 2006, I had been working on her, on and off since then. Other obligations ( you guys know very well- the "Honey Do " list) had taken priority. But it was June of 2008 that I set out to complete her. Working on projects takes a lot out of you. And believe me, the Turner Joy as was my Dallas build; was no exception. But I do enjoy it. As many of my fellow modelers would attest to. This is a great hobby. Now to take a break, and think of my next project while I enjoy time with my family.

Robert Rodriguez
Greensboro , North Carolina