High Endurance Cutter
WHEC 723
Photographed by
Rob Mackie
San Francisco Fleet Week
October 1997

Twelve High Endurance Cutters are currently in service with the United States Coast Guard. Most of them are stationed on the US West Coast and Hawaii. These 378' ships are the largest cutters, aside from the two Polar Class Icebreakers, ever built for the United States Coast Guard. Powered by diesel engines and gas turbines, they have a range of 14,000 miles. Equipped with a helicopter flight deck, retractable hangar, and the facilities to support helicopter deployment, high endurance cutters were introduced to the Coast Guard starting in 1967 when the Hamilton (WHEC-715) was commissioned, and some of them saw service in Vietnam. Beginning in the 1980s and ending in 1992, the entire class was modernized through the Fleet Renovation and Modernization (FRAM) program. Among many other things, weaponry and electronics were modernized, and the FRAM cutters gained redesigned (and massive) fore/mainmasts. So if you're thinking about scratch-building a high endurance cutter model, you'll need to choose between the old and the "new" versions.

I photographed Rush in October 1997. The sleek lines and white livery make these high endurance cutters among the most striking of modern military/patrol vessels. Let's hope one of the resin kit producers does a 1:700 or 1:350 kit. These ships would make very attractive display models.

High Endurance Cutters

Vital Statistics
Displacement 3,250 tons Length 378'  Beam 43'
Two diesel engines/two gas turbine engines
Maximum speed 29 knots   Endurance 14,000 miles
Primary Missions: Law Enforcement, Defense Operations, Search & Rescue
One Mark 75 76-mm gun (anti-air capable)
Two 25-mm machine guns
One 20-mm Phalanx, Close-in weapons system (CIWS)

Complement: 167 (19 Officers, 148 Enlisted)
Ships in Class: see below

378-foot WHECs in Service:

  • BOUTWELL (WHEC 719)  Alameda, CA

  • CHASE (WHEC 718)  San Diego, CA

  • DALLAS (WHEC 716)  North Charleston, SC

  • GALLATIN (WHEC 721)  Charleston, SC

  • HAMILTON (WHEC 715)  San Pedro, CA

  • JARVIS (WHEC 725)  Honolulu, HI

  • MELLON (WHEC 717)  Seattle, WA

  • MIDGETT (WHEC 726)  Seattle, WA

  • MORGENTHAU (WHEC 722)  Alameda, CA

  • MUNRO (WHEC 724)  Alameda, CA

  • RUSH (WHEC 723)  Honolulu, HI

  • SHERMAN (WHEC 720)  Alameda, CA

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rush01.jpg (88914 bytes)
Nice view
rush02.jpg (97546 bytes)
Bridge and 76mm gun
rush04.jpg (68944 bytes)
View from bridge
rush05.jpg (75142 bytes)
Looking aft from bow
rush05a.jpg (73348 bytes)
Bridge and foremast closeup
rush06.jpg (60480 bytes)
Forecastle details
rush07.jpg (114976 bytes)
Telescoping hangar
rush08.jpg (60031 bytes)
Looking aft from bridge
rush09.jpg (111386 bytes)
Hangar and mainmast
rush10.jpg (61158 bytes)
Foremast and bridge details
rush11.jpg (81280 bytes)
Foremast closeup
rush12.jpg (68026 bytes)
Foremast and bridge details
rush13.jpg (76411 bytes)
Foremast details
rush14.jpg (59471 bytes)
View from flight deck looking forward
rush15.jpg (71442 bytes)
Midship details
rush16.jpg (51696 bytes)
Mainmast and funnels
rush17.jpg (57141 bytes)
Mainmast tripod, funnels
rush18.jpg (41617 bytes)
Transom stern and CIWS
rush19.jpg (72338 bytes)
Mainmast radar array closeup
rush20.jpg (50980 bytes)
Looking forward from stern
rush21.jpg (74954 bytes)
25mm machine gun
rush22.jpg (74047 bytes)
rush23.jpg (42583 bytes)
CIWS mounted on stern
rush24.jpg (71903 bytes)
CIWS details

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