United States Coast Guard
Tenacity PG71 02 small.jpg (16075 bytes)
USS Tenacity (PG 71) June '42
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Flower Class Corvettes

These excellent US National Archives photos are among the most interesting I've had the pleasure of publishing in Warship. They are noteworthy in several respects. Large, clear and full of interesting detail, Corvette modelers will think they've died and gone to heaven after viewing these pictures. More importantly, they document Flower Class Corvettes in the service of the US Coast Guard. Generally associated with the Royal and Canadian Navies, Flowers also saw service with the US Navy and Coast Guard, as well as the Free French and Norwegian navies.

Note the variety of main weapons on these US corvettes, and the port and starboard midship gun tubs. There are many other detail differences that set these vessels apart from their better known Canadian and Royal Navy sister ships. And the Measure 12 modified paint scheme carried by Tenacity in the title photo is most striking. If ever a picture screamed "build me", this one does.

I want to thank Sven Dorsey for making these National Archives photos available to Warship. Ship modelers in general and Corvette modelers in particular appreciate your efforts, Sven.

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Fury PG69.jpg (37652 bytes)
Fury PG 69
Fury Head on PG69.jpg (26437 bytes)
Fury head on
Haste PG92.jpg (84734 bytes)
Haste PG 92
Prudent PG96.jpg (98420 bytes)
Prudent PG 96
Saucy PG65.jpg (58713 bytes)
Saucy PG 85
Intensity PG93.jpg (104691 bytes)
Intensity PG 93
Intensity PG93 02.jpg (106260 bytes)
Intensity PG 93
Temptress PG62.jpg (120017 bytes)
Temptress PG 62
Tenacity PG71 01.jpg (57591 bytes)
Tenacity PG 71
Tenacity PG71 03.jpg (66063 bytes)
Tenacity PG 71

Tenacity PG71 02.jpg (48601 bytes)
Tenacity raising steam
Tenacity PG71 04.jpg (103871 bytes)
Tenacity in NY Navy Yard
Tenacity PG71 05.jpg (115842 bytes) Tenacity PG71 08.jpg (108460 bytes) Tenacity PG71 07.jpg (98891 bytes) Tenacity PG71 06.jpg (155658 bytes)
Tenacity Undergoing Refit at New York Navy Yard, June 1942