This is my large 1:32 scale, 10-foot long, Balao Class Fleet boat USS Ling. It started life as a 1:32nd Paraell kit many years ago. Since then I did a little here and there on it. She is R/C and submerges off of a dual ballast system (pump & gas) and has many functions.

USS Ling on War Patrol
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All details which you see, deck guns, mast array, hatches are made of metal and no glue was used as everything soldered to keep the parts from washing away on war patrols. The small portion of wood deck on the sub is made of wood and is gapped to allow water to flow for free flooding for submerging.

USS Ling at the Yard
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All the hatches open, including the deck ammunition feed chutes. The bow planes retract by a Dumas gear panel. To give you an idea at the size of this monster you can see her next to a 1:200 scale Nichimo Yamato. The 1:200 scale battleship is no midget but is dwarfed by the 1:32 sub. Also as far as weathering, some rust is painted on and lots of it is real, rusting away from the metallic parts like a real submarine.

R/C & Diving Equipment
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Mario Grima