These are some diorama photos that surface sailors may quite upsetting and that submariners may find to represent a job well done. The photos depict, as best as I can work out, periscope views of submarine torpedo victims. Photo 1 is of the Revell 1:700 scale model of the HMS Ark Royal, depicted being torpedoed on November 13, 1941 just to the east of Gibraltar. Photo number 2 depicts a scratch-built tanker sinking and on fire. Photo number 3 depicts a 1:700 scale Kagero Class destroyer at the moment of impact as a torpedo breaks the ship's back, lifting her almost out of the water. Photo number 4 depicts the view that the Lt. Comdr. William H. Brockman, Jr. of the USS Nautilus may have seen during the Battle of Midway as he launched three torpedoes at what he thought was the Japanese carrier Soryu. The carrier was actually the Kaga, (Hasegawa kit in1:700 scale), and reports conflict as to whether any of the torpedoes hit or detonated. Photo number 5 depicts a magnified view of the Kaga.

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Richard Smith