Very few modelers have heard of Veteran Model, unless you happen to live in Taiwan. Although Veteran Model is from Taiwan and started in specializing in producing 1:700 Scale Models of the warships of the Republic of China, they are also considering doing packages of Modern USN parts in 1:350 scale. They sent me some samples of these parts and asked what I thought of them. Instead, I'll ask you what you think of them. Although some of the photos could be in better focus, there are still plenty of detail to be seen to form your opinion.

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Shown here are five of the weapons systems that they have but there are many more such as the twin 3-inch AA mount that will be seen later. You can judge for yourself the quality of these resin castings, whether Harpoon or helicopter. Notice that the ASROC mount has individually trainable canisters. There are an increasing number of 1:350 scale modern USN ship kits out there and there will be many more after the IPMS USA Nationals in July 2005. These detailed parts should appeal to any modeler interested in these kits. Although it is not verified with Chris Decker, it currently appears that Trident Hobbies will have Veteran Model products available in the USA.

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