This model is the 1:700 scale kit of the GEARING- Class destroyer by Veteran Models. Chen.Chih-Pang built the model as the Chen-Yang 912. DDG-912 Chen-Yang was the ex-USS James E. Kyes ADD-787. She was laid down by Todd Pacific Shipyards at Seattle, Washington on December 27, 1944, launched on August 4, 1945 and commissioned February 8, 1946. She was transferred to R.O.C. Navy on April 18, 1973 by the ambassador Shen Chien-Hony and named as Chen-Yang with the hull number DD-12.

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The mission of DDG-912 was patrolling the Taiwan strait and surrounding waters to convoy off shore-islands support-and-supply task flotilla and various missions. She played an important role on the navy force build-up and fleet combat readiness to secure the safety of Taiwan Strait and Maritime communications. Finally the DDG-912 Chen-Yang was decommissioned on December 1, 2004.