This is the latest work of Jeff Lin, the Veteran Model 1/700 R.O.C Navy DD-12 Dan Yung, (ex IJN Yukikaze). The IJN Yukikaze was given in compensation to Republic of China Navy at Shanghai on July 6,1947 and then renamed DD-12 "Dan Yung", while all of the armament were removed at the time. She was refitted to carry one set of US naval dual 5" gun( front turret), 2 sets of IJN type 89 3.9"gun (back turrets) and 8 sets of type 96 25mm AA gun when she retreated to Taiwan in 1956. She visited the Philippines the same year. Due to the low stock of IJN ammo in 1956, the R.O.C Navy decided to overhaul her and replaced all of the IJN armament with US naval weapons. Three sets of single 38 cal 5"guns, two sets of 50 cal 3" guns and 10 sets of single 40 mm Bofors guns were mounted. Before this, Dan Yung moved forward to the shore of Zhejiang on the Mainland and bombarded the barracks of PLA to run out of IJN ammunition. After the final refitting in 1956, she served in R.O.C navy to patrol the Taiwan strait until 1966. Jeff built this model to present the status of Dang Yung circa 1956. All of the AA guns are raised to show her anti air guard. Also shown are some of the parts from the model.

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