The life of an AA system has grown increasingly short as aircraft performance has increased. The 20mm Oerlikon was a fantastic replacement for machine guns in 1941 but by 1945 Oerlikons were being reduced as too ineffectual with a new generation of aircraft. However, in 1945 the 40mm Bofors mount was still the best medium AA gun system available. That would not remain, as with the arrival of jet aircraft, the formerly regal Bofors lost its perch. With the increased speed of jet aircraft, more standoff range was needed. The USN decided to replace the quadruple with twin automatic twin 3-inch/50. By the late 1940s and early 1950s this AA system made its appearance on different classes of US warships. The life of this system was even shorter than the Bofors since AA gunnery couldn't keep up with aviation technology. By the late 1950s the USN switched to the guided missile for AA defense. 

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Anyone who has seen any Veteran Model products already knows of the superb quality of their productions. Item by item Veteran produces supremely detail scaled weapons and fittings and their USN Twin 3-Inch/50 VTM 35001 mounts starts the fine tradition. Included are resin and brass parts for four of the twin mounts. The bases are spectacular and all resin parts are excellent. The only problem was with the barrels. Two barrels were broken and others had a slight curve. The curve can be straightened with a slight application of heat and a little dab of super glue will reattach the barrels. Gun seats with ventilation holes and gun brackets are found on the brass fret.

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Veteran Model USN Twin 3-Inch/50 AA mounts (VTM 35001) are distributed by Georgetown Hobbies and can be found with AAA Model Hobbies and Pacific Front Hobbies.