If you have any of the latest influx of kits of Japanese heavy ships in 1:350 scale, this product from Veteran Models should be of great interest. This multi-media accessory in 1:350 scale provides four Type 89 Twin 127mm/40 dual purpose gun mounts. Provided are machined brass barrels, resin gun mount with brass photo-etch details.

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If you want the highest quality in detailed and intricacy in IJN DP mounts in 1:350 scale, Veteran Models stands at the summit in quality. All of the resin parts are of superb fineness in casting quality and come with hordes of detail integral to each casting. The brass barrels are equally fine with hollow muzzles. What few details are not provided in resin are covered with the small photo-etch fret.

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Georgetown Hobbies is the distributor of Veteran Models ordnance. The sets are carried by many retail outlets, including AAA Model Hobbies and Pacific Front