With the pre-war Imperial Japanese Navy, night fighting was given more emphasis than in any other navy. Seamen with very keen eyesight were chosen and trained specifically as lookouts or observers. With these superbly trained men and exceptional optics, the Japanese owned the night through most of 1942. The results showed time and time again, as early as the Battle of the Sunda Strait through all of the early battles off of Guadalcanal. It was common for Japanese lookouts to visually spot allied ships at night before the early radar arrays of the allied ships painted the Japanese. As a consequence, the Japanese held the tactical initiative, which was often coupled with a salvo of Long Lance 24-inch torpedoes. Voyager Model has produced a resin and brass set of the binocular mounts used by Japanese warships of World War Two. Voyager set VND0312 provides three large binocular mounts and three small binocular mounts in 1:350 scale. All mounts are are fixed on pedestals and the larger mounts have much larger binoculars. All resin parts are very finely cast. There is a separate resin fret, which provides base plates for all mounts and observer seats for the large mounts.

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