What's a junior officer to do? Here you are with leave granted from your fine Atago Class cruiser in port and the geishas are calling. You can't touch the big ship's boats because the big brass will hog those and the oar powered small boats are too slow, even if rowed by ratings. Too much quality geisha time would be lost just getting to the dockside. Thank goodness in your 1:350 scale world Voyager Model has just the solution to the perplexing problem of our young snotty, the 11-meter motor pinnace. Not as big as those big boats used by senior officers and yet motor powered to whisk you in speed to your high quality rendezvous ashore, Voyager VND0306 provides one resin and brass 11-meter motor pinnace. A high quality resin piece forms the hull with brass detail parts from two frets adding superlative detail, unmatched in the plastic kits. Brass parts are for safety rails, rudder, propeller, anchor, propeller shaft, cabin top wind-screen, life buoy rack, canopy frame and mast.

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