"Holy Candlepower Batman! Look at the Bat Signal on the cloud! Boy, have they jumped that up!" The problem with any aspiring Commissioner Gordon is to speedily send the emergency Bat Signal to alert the Caped Crusaders that Gotham is under a dire danger from many nefarious villains. With the searchlights found in most model kits, using these to get the attention of the Dark Knight and Boy Wonder may be akin to using a small flash light with faltering batteries. Now you no longer have to send smoke signals at night in a vain effort to get the attention of Batman and Robin. With Voyager Model set VND0314 you get four resin and brass large IJN searchlights in 1:350 scale. These beauts are far more detailed than any others and are just right for those furious night fights off Guadalcanal. 

The four searchlights are in resin with extraordinary detail and hollowed out to the back reflector plate. To go along with each searchlight are four relief-etched brass pieces for the mount. Three of these are circular base plates with decreasing circumferences. Each of these plates has a different pattern along the edge. The fourth part is the mount, which is folded to shape and even includes a elevation hand-wheel. Unlike other one piece searchlights, the Voyager products can be assembled with different elevations to add some variety to searchlight clusters. Of course their main purpose was night battle illumination, so normally they wouldn't be trained skywards. Side axis connecting the searchlight to the frame have to be cut from plastic rod not included in the set. My only complaint is the lack of open shutter covers on the photo-etch fret.

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