Do you have any of the new 1:350 scale Takao class Japanese heavy cruiser kits from Aoshima? Do you have any 1:350 scale IJN kits, which portray a ship carrying the late war triple 25mm AA mount? If so, Voyager Model has a super-detail resin and brass ordnance set, which will really pump up this gun mount. Voyager Model set VND0503 contains parts for six of the Type 96 triple 25mm AA cannons. You receive two resin runners with three highly detailed gun mounts and two photo-etch frets. One fret is of brass and contains the barrels, cradles, bass plates, gunner's seats, and traverse wheels. The second fret is of stainless steel, which has the gun sights. To see the difference, compare the third photograph below, which shows the kit supplied parts in the Aoshima kits, with the photographs of the Voyager Model product.

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