So you have your Trumpeter 1:144 scale Gato class fleet boat but are no satisfied with the deck armament. Do you need more punch Bubby? Where do you find an upgrade for your gun crews? No problem, Her Majesty's Royal Ordnance and Arms Factory, otherwise known as White Ensign Models has produced an extensive range of white metal and brass guns in 1:144 scale. It comes as no surprise that the true product of WEM is not widely known. All of that armor and field guns of the Royal Army comes from somewhere. Shropshire has its own web page but just try to find Snitton. Well they can pose as just manufacturing models but their cloak and dagger secrecy only serves to high-light their true mission. Still modelers throughout the world benefit because of this cover story, for the model products of White Ensign Models are as exacting as their 1:1 scale products for Her Majesty's Armed Forces. One new example is set WEM PE 14403, which includes one 4-inch/50 deck gun just right for upgrading your Trumpeter Gato kit. 

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The set is composed on four white metal parts and a brass relief-etched fret of ten parts. The white metal parts are the gun barrel, gun mount and two gun layers' hand wheels. Brass parts include: gun sight mounting bracket, seat attachment bar, two gun layers' seats, two hand wheel cranks, two gun layers' pedals, base plate and gun barrel stay. 

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With fourteen parts supplied for one gun by White Ensign Models, any modeler can be assured of an extremely detailed 4-inch/50 deck gun for their 1:144 scale Gato fleet submarine. WEM PE set 14403 is just one of a series of ordnance manufactured by WEM in this scale, which allows a number of fittings for the Gato

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