With WEM PE 14406, White Ensign Models provides two 20mm Oerlikon AA cannons in 1:144 scale. Designed for the Trumpeter Gato class submarine in that scale, the Oerlikon was found on almost every USN as well as RN warship during World War Two. WEM provides three white metal parts and  twelve brass photo-etch parts for each gun. 

White Metal
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White metal parts consist of a solid conical pedestal, gun, and mounting pintle. Brass parts consist of a double width gun shield with relief-etching, shoulder braces, base ring, gun sights, gun mounting bracket, shield mounting bracket, and six mounting legs. White Ensign Models includes the optional parts needed for either of the most common mounts. The mounts for the gun could vary from the solid conical variety to the metal leg/circular base plate variety. With WEM PE 14406 you have the option of which variant of Oerlikon to place on your Gato.

Brass Photo-Etch & Instructions
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You would think that the White Ensign Models Ordnance Factory was running at top speed already but they are still up to producing new and much needed designs. The WEM 1:144 scale single 20mm Oerlikons set, WEM PE 14406, provides two white metal and brass guns with optional base mounts.

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