The Bofors 40mm gun proved to be the best mid range AA gun of World War Two. It wasn't the only 40mm AA gun around as the Royal Navy had developed the 40mm 2-pounder AA gun in the late 1920's. Known as the Pom-Pom, this piece had short barrels and limited range. Because of the much longer barrel of the Bofors ordnance, this gun had a much greater engagement range. The Bofors mount replaced the disappointing 1.1-inch AA gun mount on USN surface ships in twin or quadruple gun variations. However, some warships were not large enough to mount even the twin gun Bofors mount. For them, there was a single gun mount. Gato class submarines were often rigged with one of the 40mm guns. White Ensign Models WEM PE 14405 provides the modeler with one single 40mm Bofors Gun Mk 3 in 1:144 scale. Although produced for the Trumpeter 1:144 scale Gato submarine, it of course would work on any model in that scale. 

White Metal
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The package consists of three white metal parts and a brass photo-etch fret consisting of ten parts. White metal parts consist of the gun, gun mount and recoil cylinders. Brass parts consist of two gunners seats with perforated ventilation holes; spent case chute, foot pedals, foot pedal support bar, gun-sight yoke, footplate & frame, back railings and two elevation cranks. A one page set of instructions concludes the items received. White metal parts will need be be cleaned to remove remnants of the metal pour vents but all in all the gun looks like it will go together very well. The photo-etch has some relief-etched detail, such as raised outside rim outlines on foot pedals, gunners' seats and other parts. As with any WEM product, parts quality is top drawer.

Brass Photo-Etch & Instructions
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Does your 1:144 scale Gato need new artillery to swat away those bothersome Emilys, Jakes, Rufes, etc? Your 5-inch may be too slow in the firing rate, and your 20mm Oerlikon may have too short a range. The White Ensign Models 40mm Bofors Gun Mk 3, single gun mount is the answer for your AA needs. With WEM PE 14405, any Gato skipper will get a good range with a high firing rate.

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