By now you should know that Heller Models is in financial distress. Whether it is called receivership, bankruptcy or by some other name, it only makes the 1:400 scale models from the company even more attractive for the builder as well as collector. Heller has probably produced more large-scale models of the ships of the Kriegsmarine than any other company. Panzerschiffe, Kreuzer or Schlactschiffe, which ever you choose, the model will have plenty of bare portholes and nondescript doors that can use the luxury plumage that is provided by White Ensign Models in this fret.

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The 1:400 scale photo-etch brass fret of Kriegsmarine portholes and doors provides a tremendous variety of these overlooked fittings. Each and every one is magnificently relief-etched. The fret contains: 28 doors with open portholes; 2 small doors/hatches; 76 rectangular windows in three different styles; and 127 round portholes in three different styles with eyebrows. All of the windows and portholes have the solid cover open from the frame so the modeler can feature the porthole open or closed. It will take time to attach these portholes, one at a time, over the featureless holes on the Heller kits but they will pump up the detail of the Heller kits dramatically. This White Ensign Models product is another superb product, designed by Mad Pete and produced to the highest standards of quality.

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