Hercules had it easy when he faced the many headed-Hydra. Now! Brought to you by White Ensign Models is their new wondrous production of Mad Pete and the Panzershiffes. See Mad Pete battle the Panzerschiffes! Yes that's right movie goers, not one, not two but three Panzerschiffes at one time on one fret! Brought to you in thunderous Brass-O-Colour, this wide screen epic has hundreds of exciting thrills and extras abounding as Mad Pete takes on three of these powerful beasties at one time. Brought to the wide screen in wide track 1:400 scale, this epic has a distinctly Gaulic flavor, as all three Panzerschiffes are kits produced by Heller. Yes, all three antagonists have more distinguished names than Grog the Caveman, with Scheer, Lutzow and of course, Graf von Spee. In this production there are specific parts for all three in powerful relief-etching that will leave you gasping for air but demanding more. Only the highest production values are used throughout, from the fret itself to the playbill also known as the instructions.

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A quick glance at the parts listing found in the instructions shows the gala cast of characters with unsurpassed character. There are 44 generic parts' designs with each design having one to many parts of that design. Then we reach the unique specific parts designed for one of the three specific ships. Lutzow has 12 specific parts designed for that ship. These include: boat crane jib; Deutschland bow crests; Lutzow bow crests; crane rigging; foretop yard footropes; foretop aft yard footropes; foretop yard antenna array; bridge wing platforms; bridge wing supports; forward searchlight platform; forward searchlight platform supports; and mainmast yard fitting. There are 16 Admiral Scheer designs: foretop windows; bridge windows; boat crane jib; crane rigging; boat crests; early foretop platform, foretop platform supports; foretop small yards; foretop forward FuMb mountings; foretop aft yardarm rigging; mainmast top yardarm footropes; early mainmast yardarm fitting; mainmast antenna array; funnel platform extension; and funnel platform extension supports. Graf von Spee gets 13 unique designs: bow crests; Coronel plate; lower bridge windows; Admiral's bridge windows; small boat crane rigging; mainmast lower yardarm footropes; foretop yardarm footropes; mainmast top yardarm footropes; foremast top yardarm footropes; foretop aft yardarm footropes; foremast mast upper platform; forward searchlight platform; and forward searchlight platform supports.

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The actual execution of the parts lives up to being spectacular. The relief-etching just adds so much richness to these parts. All of those bridge window parts are open with raised window shutters. The four pairs of ship's bow crests are incredible in their fineness and of course the Graf Spee gets an additional plate with the word "Coronel". This plate was found on the front of the bridge tower and honored von Spee's victory over a British cruiser squadron in November 1914 at the Battle of Coronel. From stem to stern this set will cover any of the three panzerschiffes in relief-etched detail. In a lineup that never lets up, you are provided with relief-etched detail from the bow crests to the nazi eagle on the stern. Most of the ship specific detail is concentrated on the bridge area a forward tower superstructure. However, almost every system on these ships gets upgraded through this set. For armament, the 11-inch gun turrets get forward face vision ports and range finder ports for the "ears" projecting from the back of the turrets. Light AA is piled on with single 20mm guns and the unique flakvierling C38 four barreled mounts for the two survivors of the trio. Radar? Sure, what thrills do you want? There is the combination FuMo 22 with FuMb 7 or the FuMo 27. You get a complete catapult replacement with cradle for the Arado. For the aircraft there is a new propeller, rear machinegun and float supports.

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Ship's boats get deluxe treatment with a new cabin with open windows for the launch, steering wheels, safety rails and rudder/propeller detail for all powered boats and boat thwarts for the rowed versions. New cranes and davits further enhance the model. Propeller guards project from the stern and even some solid bulkheads get handrails. The Marx brothers would love the many three-piece Marx floats, the German answer to the carly float. Even the smallest detail is included with cable reels, individual portholes with hinged port covers and doors. Generic detail is provided in the form of inclined ladders, anchor chain, vertical ladder and railing in three different patterns. Of course the instructions for the set are the best in the business, which is norm for any White Ensign Models product.

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Mad Pete and the Panzerschiffes has the grandeur and spectacle for which White Ensign Models is justly renowned. In 1:400 scale the set is designed specifically for the three Heller models of panzerschiffes, also know as pocket battleships. This comprehensive brass fret abounds in relief-etched detail and covers almost every system for the three panzershiffes.

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