Do you really want to upgrade your Trumpeter 1:350 scale HMS Hood, or for that matter any model of a RN large warship of World War Two? One outstanding answer is the new 1:350 scale eight barreled Pom-Poms from White Ensign Models. The Item is WEM Pro3509 and contains resin and brass components for three mounts of the large AA fitting. There are two resin parts, the gun block with barrels and the gun mount. If you look at the photographs you'll observe unmatched detail on these parts. Just to name a couple of those details, look at the perforated decks on the mounts and flared flash suppressors on the barrels. The resin parts alone, justify purchase of this superb product, but there is so much more. Mad Pete has tossed in his hat with brass details, which further embellished the glories of the resin parts. Each of the three gun mounts will receive 13 brass parts, which include ammunition box side plates, ammunition belts, gun mount frames, top spacer bar, front guardrails and rear guardrails. Of course with the Mad One and WEM, the brass is beautifully relief etched.

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White Ensign Models does produce beautiful all brass 8-barreled pom-pom mounts, however, their resin and brass Pro3509 mounts go one further measure. As good as photo-etch can be, and WEM photo-etch is as good as it gets, it can never quite capture round shapes, such as gun barrels. WEM Pro3509 provides three Royal Navy eight barreled pom-poms in 1:350 scale that is unmatched in quality and detail from any source.

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