These photographs of the new White Ensign Models 1:350 scale HMS Daring are of the build I did of the first test shot. The photo set is just a few basic shots. I have built the kit, out of the box, fully booted and spurred, so to speak, with all of the possible weapons systems installed. I have
heard recently that the Harpoon missile system is to be left off and used as an option if required. The Merlin helicopter is also another possible, as apparently the Lynx and later the Wildcat will be embarked as part of the ships weapon system. The only additional bit of modeling I have done with the kit is to mount it waterline on my usual seascape base to give it a bit of life. The build was very straight forward which was a relief to find after
the rather awkward pattern making it took to get the kit to engineer the kit. These stealthy ships don't have many points of reference to take angles or dimensions from. So I end up with tufts of hair torn out and an indentations in the desk top from cranial impacting :^) !!

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Peter "Mad Pete" Hall