OK Airfix fans (you all know who you are), admit it; while we are all die-hard fans of 1/600 scale and because of this we have had to accept at times substandard kits or at the very least abysmal parts. A prime example of the latter can be found in the Airfix line of modern Royal Navy ships. How many have us looked for that Seacat launcher on the sprue or in the box (maybe it came off of the runner) only to come to the grim realization that that thing you mistook for a piece of flash is supposed to be the Seacat launcher. At least when Airfix added a special spure of Exocets to update their kits, they were more recognizable although still not quite satisfying.

WEM Pro 600 Exocets & Seacats
wempro600 exocetsFB.jpg (33557 bytes) wempro600 seacatsFB.jpg (28094 bytes)

Well Airfix fans, White Ensign Models has once again freed us from the shackles of "what were they thinking" parts with the addition of Seacat and Exocet launchers to their Pro 600 line of resin replacement parts. These little gems are a sight to behold with a great level of detail cast into them. A little bit of clean up and sanding is needed to remove some flash and castings stubs. Each packet provides 4 launchers, which means one set of Seacats could equip 2-3 models (depending on how many were fitted) and one set of Exocets will equip one model.

As you can see from these photos comparing the WEM resin versions with the Airfix kit parts, the difference is night and day. For the Seacat launcher, you will need to fit the guardrails that are available on several of WEM’s modern RN photo-etch sets.

WEM vs Airfix
exocets compFB.jpg (34542 bytes) seacats compFB.jpg (16658 bytes)

A modeler, using these resin upgrades and the extensive photo-etch sets developed by White Ensign Models, can you make a very respectable model of either a Leander Class frigate, Type 21 frigate and/or a County Class destroyer. So die-hards, do yourself a favor a buy a few of the sets – you will not regret it.

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