"Hide in Plain Sight." Perhaps you have heard that phrase before. Simply put, details can sit unnoticed, even though they appear in photo after photo. Trust White Ensign Models to to stand up and shout to other producers, "Wait, you have missed details!" WEM has certainly done so with their resin replacement turrets for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale HMS Hood. First we will mention the obvious. The Trumpeter turrets to their 1:350 scale Hood are a dog's breakfast. With all the effort that the company put into the kit, it is amazing that they could so botch the turrets. The crowns are wrong. The front face is missing vision ports. There are missing details at the lower juncture of side plates. White Ensign Models has cured all of these ills with their Miracle Pro3510 Elixer. But wait, there's more! Not only has WEM corrected these obvious flaws, they have also used their acutely fine vision to spot details missing on the turrets of every other Hood model. When you look at the photographs of the WEM Hood turrets, they immediately jump out. On the range finder of each turret there is a prominent hatch. When I saw this, I asked myself, "Is this right? I have not noticed that before." If you have that feeling, go to pages 100 through 102 of The Battlecruiser Hood by John Roberts. The detail on top of the range finder is an open direction sight hood with a wind deflector in front (G2 #51) and yet there are more unrealized details included in the WEM Hood turrets. There is another hatch behind the range finder. This is the access hatch to the officer's cabinet (G2 #56). Again, I don't recall anyone else including this feature in the Hood turrets. If those details were not enough, WEM has provided four different styles of rangefinder ends. At the ends of each range finder are opening through which the optics could sight. Unless the Hood was using her 15-inch guns, sliding shutters would close over these openings to protect the optics from inclement weather. WEM provides 32 range finder ends ("ears"). These include eight for late version (slide open), eight for late version (slide closed), eight for early version (slide open), and eight for early version (slide closed). The early version can be distinguished from the late version by the presence of a raised flange on the outer edge. According to the instructions, the Hood switched versions probably during her 1927 refit. Whichever version you wish, only White Ensign Models provides these options with WEM PRO 3510..

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White Ensign Models WEM PRO 3510 of resin replacement turrets for the 1:350 scale Trumpeter HMS Hood corrects the blatant flaws of the Trumpeter turrets. However, WEM did not stop there. They have also included details and options not seen in any other Hood turret in any scale.

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