Attached are some recent photographs of a model I built several years ago for a kit review in the IPMS Journal. The kit is the 1/700 scale White Ensign Models HMS Kelly. As you can see, the kit went together quite nicely. One strength of the kit is the photo-etch fret which provides many fine detail parts. The hull in my example was quite warped, but responded well to straightening after warming in hot water.

Kelly09JK.jpg (67887 bytes) Kelly10JK.jpg (70772 bytes)
Kelly01JK.jpg (118825 bytes) Kelly13JK.jpg (107717 bytes) Kelly12JK.jpg (140642 bytes)

I took the photographs on Kodak 400 speed HD film. I used a Canon AE-1 SLR with magnifying lenses, and shot at 1/4 to 1/2 second exposures at f16. I used Kodak Perfect Touch processing and had the images digitized on to a Kodak Picture CD. These files are from the CD.

James Kloek