Here's the White Ensign Models 1:350 scale USS Knox Class frigate finished up. The WEM Knox Class frigate is a bit on the plain side when placed beside other entries, so I decided to make it a bit more "eye catching" by putting it in very high seas. The same techniques were used for the water as I have for previous subjects. The waves and bow splash are Sculpey Modeling Clay. The bow splash is actually topped off with cotton to give the splash a more realistic breaking up appearance. The entire base was topped off with Artists Gel Medium to give everything the same texture. The water was painted with acrylics and the topped off with two heavy coats of Future Floor Wax.

knox2RW.JPG (115133 bytes) knox3RW.JPG (104065 bytes) knox4RW.JPG (163958 bytes)

The model was painted with Model Master enamels, and weathered with chalk pastels. The rigging is tippet line I picked up from a local tackle shop and the warning circles are from JAG. The signal flags were added from Archer Transfers dry transfer signal flags and pennants.

I model is technically a diorama, and will be entered as such although some may consider it a weak diorama. It will be titled "Seas of Hard Knox". I personally feel it is a strong diorama because it gives the unmistakable impression of movement and action of the ship cutting through high seas. The white water streaming down the sides of the hull further enhance this feeling of "Seas of Hard Knox". Close inspection of the model's deck will show the future floor wax water spray leaving a dry spot behind the gun turret and ASROC launcher on the bow. The flag and signal pennants are realistically bent and appear to be "fluttering" in the high wind.

knox5RW.JPG (109798 bytes) knox6RW.JPG (93322 bytes) knox1aRW.JPG (140736 bytes)

Rusty White
Flagship Models Inc.