Modelers have been asking White Ensign Models to produce modern USN detail parts in the WEM Professional 350 range. The folks at WEM have been listening and have recently introduced new packets of 1:350 scale detail sets for modern USN systems. These packets now allow the modeler to buy parts that substantially contributed to the excellence of the WEM 1:350 kits of USS Knox and USS Benjamin Stoddart

The Kaman SH-2F Seasprite helicopter is the ASW platform that operated of the Knox Class frigates. One was included in the WEM kit for the Knox. Now they are available separately, packaged in packs of two. All parts are metal with a white metal fuselage and brass photo-etched detail for rotors and other smaller parts. It comes with simple instructions, rather than the normal elaborate spread for which WEM instructions are known. However, since there are only six parts to each helicopter (one white metal, five brass), if someone can't follow the clear instructions provided, they should seek professional help.

Kaman SH-2F Seasprite Helicopters
WEM9036SeaspritePack.JPG (69007 bytes) WEM9050seaspriterq.JPG (96166 bytes) WEM9044seaspriteFus.JPG (61028 bytes)
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WEM9048seaspriteRpro.JPG (108166 bytes) WEM9041seaspritePE.JPG (164238 bytes) WEM9042seaspritePEdet.JPG (98834 bytes) WEM9043seaspriteInst.JPG (88376 bytes)

The USN Five-Inch/54 was fitted to a great variety of warships. This successor to the five-inch/38 was featured on both the WEM Knox and Benjamin Stoddart. The guns come packaged two per packet. They are exceptionally clean castings with only slightly discernable seam line on the bottom of the barrel and centerline below the barrel on the housing. Cleanup and of the bottom resin wafer will be very easy and quick. The barrel even comes indented at the bore.

Modern USN Five-Inch/54 Guns
WEM9030pack5-54.JPG (96737 bytes) WEM9031guns5-54.JPG (92644 bytes)
WEM9032pro5-54.JPG (65874 bytes) WEM9033fq5-54.JPG (82100 bytes) WEM9034rq5-54.JPG (77629 bytes)

The Phalanx CIWS gatling guns are found everywhere throughout the fleet of the USN.  Almost any warship of any size will mount this close-in AA system. These parts were also part of the WEM Knox. They are now available separately in packets of two for all of your detailing needs.

Phalanx CIWS
WEM9035CIWSpack.JPG (85721 bytes) WEM9037CIWSguns.JPG (82831 bytes) WEM9038CIWSpro.JPG (79100 bytes) WEM9039CIWSfqr.JPG (74742 bytes)

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