Only the largest of warships of the Royal Navy during World War Two could carry the eight-barreled Pom-Pom. Introduced in 1931 the pom-pom was the standard medium range AA gun of the Royal Navy. It was a 40mm gun but with a far shorter barrel than the Bofors 40mm gun. Most RN capital ships were equipped with three of the eight-barreled mounts. However, smaller ships, such as cruisers and destroyers, could not handle the weight of the eight-barreled mounts. The Royal Navy developed the four-barreled Pom-Pom mount to provide mid-range AA defense for these ships.

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Do you need superior quadruple Pom-Poms for a 1:350 scale Royal Navy warship model? The answer to your needs is as close as a quick e-mail to White Ensign Models. This venerable company has now produced a accessory pack which provides three resin and brass quadruple Pom-Poms in 1:350 scale. Each of the three mounts is composed of  two resin and four brass parts. Resin parts include mount base and gun body. Brass parts include two mounting frames and two guard rails. Quality? Well the initials WEM do connote the highest quality standards and that connotation is not misplaced with WEM PRO 3508

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