I was lucky on two counts with this model. Firstly ,in 1981 I saw and photographed HMS Sheffield, the year before she went south with the Falklands Task Force, never to return. Secondly, I managed to buy the long out of production White Ensign Models 1:350th scale kit of the Nottingham. This kit is of a batch 2 Type 42, whereas the Sheffield was a batch 1. Helped by a set of Jecobin plans of her I managed to alter the kit to batch 1 standard. The biggest problem was the Massive type 965 radar, not fitted to the Nottingham but this was solved by WEM`s Modern RN radars PE set. All in all this has been one of the most enjoyable builds I've made this year. What a great pity this kit is not longer available, nor will WEM ever produce another new kit of a Type 42 but if Airfix can get enough requests ,it MIGHT persuade them to do one!!

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Phil Reeder