The  resin Warspite from White Ensign Models in 1:700 scale was another commission I had. It is definitely  not a kit for a novice. My copy had serious issues and in all honesty I should have returned it back but I choose the difficult route of trying to piece it together instead. Once finished however the kit does look good. I had to weather again a bit more than usual partly to hide/distract the eye from the main problems of the kit which are a non flat hull, not straight bulges, superstructure bits  that don't sit on the deck  evenly , etc. I guess the moulds are running a bit old now .Would I want one for me? YES would I built one again? NO if it is like my copy. (Editor's Note: The first resin kit that I built was the WEM Warspite and this kit hooked me on resin and photo-etched kits. That was about eight years ago when this kit was first released and my kit did not have the fit problems as described by Katseas. With resin kits, replacing molds is common, as the heat generated by the solidifying resin causes mold material to wear out. It is quite possible that his copy was cast near the end of the life cycle of a mold.)

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Katseas Kostas