If you have ever visited Vienna, you already know that this city is a special place. Whether it is spending a night in the Viennese Woods, walking along the Danube on a soft summer night, or trying to dance a waltz, this capital of the Holy Roman Empire and then the Austro-Hungarian Empire is enchanting and yet so deeply historical. Vienna is also synonymous with products of outstanding quality. With that background, it is hardly surprising that Wiener Modellbau Manufactur of Wien (Vienna) produces model products of outstanding quality. Wiener Modellbau Manufactur specializes in 1:350 scale models and accessories of the ships of the K.u.K. Marine. Kaiser und Koenig, Emperor and King, that was the title of the ruler of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the K.u.K. marine produced some unusual designs. The product seen here is a set of twelve injected officers and sailors in 1:350 scale. You receive two identical sprues of six sailors. Detail is outstanding on these miniatures and you can even make out the binoculars in the right hand of one figure. Even my camera at macro setting could not capture all of the detail of these fully round figures. There is nothing wrong with photo-etch figures but they do not have the depth, the three dimensional aspect, of these superb little fellows from WMM.

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