Szent Istvan was the fourth and last battleship of the Tegetthoff class. In June 1918 all four ships of the class were the backbone of a force sent to attack the Italian blockade of the Adriatic. On June 10, 1918 Szent Istvan was torpedoed and sunk by the small motor torpedo boat, MAS 15 near the island of Premuda. After this loss the Austrian fleet cancelled the sortie. Motion pictures were still in their infancy but the sinking of the Szent Istvan was captured in one of the most memorable film sequences to come out of World War One. The MAS 15 was preserved and is currently on exhibit in Rome.

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The sinking of the Szent Istvan - 1/700 scale WSW - This little diorama was built using a video still from the famous film footage. As a result the placement of the figures is representative of a split second in that sequence!!! Note the swimmers on the starboard side. There are about 500 GMM figures around the deck. Rails were WEM. There was quite a bit of scratch-building of boat racks, funnel cap grilles, etc.

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