The SMS Sankt Georg was one off armored cruiser design for the KuK Austro-Hungarian Navy. Laid down on March 11, 1901 and completed July 21, 1905, the cruiser was small for an armored cruiser design. With a displacement of 7,289 tons (8,070 tons full load), the Sankt Georg carried two 240mm/40 (9.2-inch), five 190mm/42 (7.6-inch), eight 150mm/40 (5.9-inch), nine 70mm/45, six 47mm and two 450mm (18-inch) torpedo tubes trained on the beam. Capable of 22 knots, the Sankt Georg survived with the Austrian fleet throughout the war, often backing lighter forces in sorties. At the end of the war the ship was ceded to Great Britain as reparations in 1920. The cruiser was sold and scrapped in Italy.

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Quintin Trammell built the WSW kit of SMS Sankt Georg in 1:700 scale. The first set of photographs show the kit under construction with the second set showing the finished model.

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