Danger! Danger, Will Robinson! Woodman in the Wire! The monotone metallic voice of the Mk XCIX Unmanned Ground Sensor (UGS) cycled through its robotic warning as Roger Reconn leaped to his feet. He grabbed his Night Observation Device (NOD) and rushed to scan the perimeter. How was this possible? Wasn’t the Woodman still involved in his Type VII Offensive? This has to be a mechanical glitch! As he scanned the perimeter, he jerked as he stopped. There was no mistaking that imposing silhouette. It is the Woodman and he is assaulting the compound! As Roger watched the Woodman low-crawl through the multiple spirals of concertina, Roger was frozen in fear. The Woodman was carrying a fearsome new weapon. What was it? Division has to know! The transmission was incomplete when received at division. Roger was off the air. An UAV was tasked to take the area under observation. These four photographs were received from the UAV telemetry before it too, went off the air.

Hornet1jcmc.jpg (117026 bytes) Hornet2jcmc.jpg (121197 bytes) Hornet3jcmc.jpg (128127 bytes) Hornet4jcmc.jpg (108901 bytes)

It is clear that James "Woodman" Corley has a new dastardly plan to whack the wallet of the ship modeler. Following hard upon the heels of his wooden laser cut deck for the Revell-Germany 1:72 scale Type VII U-Boat is this new product, a wooden deck for the 1:350 scale Trumpeter Hornet. These are the four reconnaissance photographs of this new product, which will be available soon.