There is always something new coming down the pike. Featured here are two very different products that are percolating towards the modeler. First off are decals in 1:350 scale for the aircraft of Carrier Air Wing Seven (CVW7) of USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in the late 1970s. Shown here are decal sets for mostly Hi-Vis aircraft but also some Lo-Vis decals are also shown. Seen here are decals for the following squadrons.

VF-142 Ghost Riders F-14 VA-12 Flying Ubangis A7 VS-31 Topcats S-3
VF-143 Pukin Dogs F-14 VA-66 Waldos A-7 VAW-12 Bluetails E-2C
VA-65 Tigers A-6 Hi-Vis VA-66 Waldomen A-7 VQ-2 Bats
VA-65 Tigers A-6 Low-Vis VAQ-138 Yellow Jackets EA-6 HS-5 Nightdippers SH-3H
CW7-VF142Ghostriders.jpg (17547 bytes) CW7VF143Pukindogs.jpg (15748 bytes) CW7-VA65TigersHiVis.jpg (11171 bytes) CV7-VA65TigerLoVis.jpg (10200 bytes)
CW7-VA12FlyingUbangis.jpg (20567 bytes) CW7-VA66Waldo.jpg (21115 bytes) CW7-VA66Waldomen.jpg (21231 bytes) CW7-VAQ138Yellowjackets.jpg (12647 bytes)
CW7-VS31Topcats.jpg (10613 bytes) CW7-VAW121Bluetails.jpg (17069 bytes) CW7-VQ2Bats.jpg (6623 bytes) CW7-HS-5Nightdippers.jpg (11566 bytes)

The next item is actually a new look at March Mystery Model #3. Last time you saw this pattern it was just the bare hull with no detail added. However, with a quick stroll through the Waffenwerks you can see that things have changed as the gnomes of the construction yard have really gone to town.

MMA73.jpg (12279 bytes) MMA74.jpg (14258 bytes) MMA75.jpg (6187 bytes) MMA76.jpg (13144 bytes)