Here are photos of my latest build, the YS Masterpieces 1/350 sclae Bouvet. It's a departure from my normal 1/700 scale, but it was the only kit of the Bouvet available at the time. I built it out of the box except for the rigging, which is 9X Dai Riki line (.002), and the flag.  Although it's a comprehensive and well detailed kit, it still needed a good amount of sanding and filling, particularly on the many gun turrets.  There were some fit issues here and there which make the kit suitable for a modeler with some building experience.  I used Floquil Grimy Black for the hull, Testors Ivory for the upper works, and Floquil Reefer White for the boat hulls. Black gun barrels and the crane pulleys are Floquil Engine Black. The upper part of the main railings and the upper part of the lifeboats and their insides are Testors Wood. All colors were enamels and all were flat except for the ivory which necessitated flat clear over it. I used Testors Flat Acrylic Clear for that.

bouvetBC2502.JPG (119125 bytes) bouvetBC2498.JPG (84418 bytes) bouvetBC2497.JPG (84990 bytes) bouvetBC2505.JPG (95507 bytes)
bouvetBC2506.JPG (98078 bytes) BouvetBC2507.JPG (97545 bytes) BouvetBC2510.JPG (101967 bytes) BouvetBC2511.JPG (98799 bytes)

Bob Cicconi