Quintin Trammell seems to be pretty excited about his 1:350 scale Japanese cruiser Mikuma, 1937 fit, from Yankee Modelworks. Although Quintin has sent in many photographs before, he has never sent in photos showing just the parts dry-fitted. However, I can understand his feelings, as the same day Quintin sent in these photos of the YMW Mikuma 1937, I was on the back porch with my Dremel, removing upper and lower hull overpour from my YMW Tone 1944. In case you have been on the moon lately, Yankee Modelworks has released four new delightful 1:350 scale Japanese cruisers in 1:350 scale, Mikuma 1937 as built as a light cruiser with fifteen 6.1-inch guns, Mogami 1942 as she appeared at the Battle of Midway with ten 8-inch guns, Mogami 1944 as converted into a CA/CV as she appeared at the Battle of Surigao Straits and Tone 1944 with all four twin 8-inch turrets forward and a flight deck aft. Having seen both Mogami kits and the Tone kit up close and personal, I am happy to see that the Mikuma kit is just as sweet.

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