Alright fast battleship modelers. Roll in to your one-stop center for high quality resin variation kits for the USS South Dakota Class battleships in 1:350 scale. As you may be aware Yankee Modelworks has resin conversion sets designed for the new Trumpeter USS Alabama and USS Massachusetts battleship kits in 1:350 scale. These allow for a 1943 South Dakota, 1942 Indiana, 1942 Alabama and 1945 Massachusetts. Not only does YMW give these options for the class but also has this set YKM-3011, which provides for complete replacement of not only the 16-inch/45 main gun turrets, but also the 5-inch/38 secondary turrets. 

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All three main gun turrets have complete detail for the underside of the turret bustle. For anyone who has toured the 1:1 scale Alabama and Massachusetts, you will undoubtedly remember entering the main gun turrets through the hatch on the sloping bottom face of the turret bustle. Well, here it is in 1:350 scale. I remember seeing the circular ventilation holes also found there and YMW has captured those as well. Also you will notice the turret crown rivet detail, apron detail and turret side detail. White metal guns are provided with blast bags attached but YMW also gives you separate resin blast bags in case you wish to use other barrels. The secondary turrets include crown and side hatches as well as sighting hoods. Metal gun barrels are provided for these turrets as well. Lastly, YMW provides white metal rangefinder hood "ears" for the main turrets. 

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Dissatisfied with the plastic turrets provided in the Trumpeter 1:350 scale Alabama and Massachusetts kits? Now, you don't have to take it like it. With Yankee Modelworks set YKM-3011 South Dakota Class replacement turrets, you dump the plastic turrets and use high quality resin and white metal YMW replacements.