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Hellenic Navy Armoured Cruiser

YS Master Pieces
1:350 Scale
Full Hull Model

Georgios Averoff is an Italian Pisa Class Armored Cruiser, was purchased in October 1909 with funds left to the Greek Navy for warship purchases by the Greek millionaire G.Averoff. The cruiser was named after the navy's benefactor. She was the flagship of the Greek Fleet during the Balkan Wars 1912-1913. The fleet under the command of Rear Admiral Paul Kondouriotis, successfully stopped the Turkish Navy from issuing from the Dardanelles and helped the army seize territory. On January 18, 1913 Averoff engaged the Turkish cruiser Medjidieh, four armored ships and 13 torpedo craft. Averoff met the Turkish squadron 12 miles from Lemnos and after two hours of gunnery exchange, the Turks retired. Averoff was refitted 1925-1927. On April 25, 1941 she escaped to Alexandria as Greece was invaded by the German Army. During the war she was a convoy escort in the Indian Ocean. The armored cruiser, Georgios Averoff is still in existence as a memorial at Poros Island, 40 miles south of Athens. (Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships 1906-1921)

The YS Master Pieces model of G. Averoff reflects her appearance during the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913.

Vital Statistics

Displacement: 9,958 tons normal; Dimensions: Length- 462 ft oa, 426 ft pp; Beam- 69 ft; Draught- 24 ft 8 in: Complement: 670

Armament: four 9.2 inch/45 cal (234mm)(2x2); eight 7.5 inch/45 cal (190mm)(4x2); sixteen 3 inch (76mm); two 47mm; three 18 inch (457mm) torpedo tubes

Armor: Belt- 8 inch -3.3 inch (203m-83mm); Deck- 2 inch (50mm); Turrets- 8 inch (203mm); Conning Tower- 7 inch (178mm)

Machinery: 2 shaft VTE, 22 Belleville boilers, 19,000 ihp; Speed: 22.5 kts Range: 7125 nm @ 10 kts; Coal: 660/1500 tons


Hull Casting
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Hull Casting Detail
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Artwork by Stamatis Anthis
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PE Envelope Artwork

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Box Cover
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Color P&P
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Signed Instructions Binder


Smaller Resin Parts & Photo-etched Brass
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Anchors, screws, shafts
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Conning tower
FunnelsMasts.jpg (45096 bytes)
Funnels & masts
gunturrets.jpg (44707 bytes)
Guns & Turrets
SearchlightsVentsGuns.jpg (59257 bytes)
Searchlights, vents, small guns
Averoff2439fret1.JPG (176876 bytes)
Photo-etched brass
Fret #1
Averoff2440PEfret2.JPG (133049 bytes)
Photo-etched brass
Fret #2


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