I have been always interested in ship modeling, even if my main interest are period wooden vessels. Last year I discovered Steelnavy web site and I was fascinated by the small scale warships that reminded me of the old kit of the Russian battleship Potemkin made by Ogonek, that my grandfather gave me when I was a kid. So I decided to build an armoured cruiser, possibly dated around the beginning of the previous century. I was also looking for a 1/700 scale resin kit with good availability of photo-etched parts, great detail and a full hull option. After extensive research the solution seemed to be only one: the Greek Armoured Cruiser Averoff in 1/700 scale by YS Masterpieces. When I purchased the kit, my first impression was of owning something very special and rare: great and crisp detail, excellent casting, good engineering and clear instructions. The photo-etched parts further improve the quality of the kit adding detail in almost every corner of the ship. The building process involved a great deal of perseverance and patience. The kit has been assembled out of the box, but not in the usual meaning of this expression. Indeed you have all the parts already at your disposal and really do not feel the need to add something more. The real challenge is to put it all together. The final result is really outstanding. The only thing I would like to mention is an improvement of the QF guns. I was not satisfied with the shape of the barrels because they were too flat. So I cut them off and used the main body of the guns, a small photo-etched element that was bent and thicken with a small piece of plastic strip from evergreen. In the upper part of the element I perforated a small hole with a needle and added a brass wire (0.4 mm diameter) giving thus a more realistic shape to the gun barrel.

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I painted the main two colours of the ship with Vallejo acrylics using an airbrush and the deck with the proper enamel colour with a very small brush by hand. The weathering was achieved with some washes, chalks and dry brush. My general approach to this process was to use as few colours as possible: a lighter and a darker shade for each of the three main colours of the ship and the black powder for the most weathered areas. On the other hand I tried to give a more varied palette enhancing or reducing the weathering application. The rigging was made with the usual filament gained from a black sprue. Sometimes it is difficult to find such black sprue but the modern car kits can be useful because they sometimes use the black colour for the interior parts. A very delicate step were the six central antennas. Each of them is made of four filaments reinforced with several circular rings. I used a very thin photo-etched ladder and cut it into several single rectangles. I forced each rectangle on a needle giving thus a regular circular shape. Moreover the edges of each rectangle formed four very small tips that I used later on as a reference point for gluing the filaments. This final stage was achieved by holding the rings with a adhesive tape in position on a wooden tablet.

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This kit is affectionately dedicated to my grandfather.
Momcil Kaltchev