If you want more than than just the brass barrels for the Takao class heavy cruisers in 1:350 scale, as seen in Voyager Model Set VND0703, Voyager Model also produces at set of resin and brass photo-etch for replacement of all five turrets. For the resin parts, the turrets with all of the rivet detail are included, along with range finders. One very noticeable feature is the rear entry for each turret. Also included are resin plugs for fitting the brass barrels in the set into the gun house openings.

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For the brass parts, there are two frets of relief etched brass along with turned brass barrels. Fret A is the smaller of the two. The largest part on this fret is a template for the turret crowns. This template allows precise placement of locator holes for insertion of turret crown railing. For those modelers who don't care to add these details, the turret crowns cane be left as they are, without the holes. Also included on this fret are inclined ladders for the rear face, rear entry portal and range finder shields for the forward face of the rangefinder "ears".

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The second fret contains the tripod for the crown of B turret, crown railing, and front face vision covers. This set has the same ten turned brass barrels as found in the barrels only set (Review of Brass Barrels Set VND0703). There is a brief set of instructions, which depict a step by step approach for assembling the turrets with clear, precise drawings.

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