This model was originally produced by the now disappeared Ukrainian firm of ICM, who give the molds to the Eastern Express firm, who at last put the model for sale under the Zvezda (Star) firm. The model in various passages don’t ameliorate and, good in general shape, is under the now accepted standard of quality. To make an acceptable model of the Russian Battleship Kniaz (Prince) Suvorov is necessary to buy the photo-etch  parts from White Ensign Models and Gold Medal Models and the turned brass barrels for 305mm. and 152mm from BMK German firm. I make another economical sacrifice getting a Zvezda model of the Russian Protected Cruiser Varyag for the anchors, the boats, the small calibre guns and other small details. The boat booms winches, the anti torpedo nets, the signal lights and the boat’s oars are scratch built. The sailors belong to the French L'Arsenal and for painting I have used the very good Italian acrylic colours “Lifecolor”. I represented the ship few days before the battle of Tsushima, when she was extremely weathered. After more than 16.000 nautical miles the ship was described by contemporary sources completely covered by rust, salt deposit and coal dust. The sea is painted with medium quality acrylic colour in tube. I have find all I need from:

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Andrea Oneto